Our Young Eagles pilots

With out these guys, our mission would be a walk

Our EAA 1230 Young Eagles Pilots, past and present, are featured here.  These aviators volunteer to be present and ready to fly each Young Eagles flight mission.  They also pony up a sizeable sum each flight day.  The cost of fuel, aircraft maintenance and all of the exspenses that are associated with aircraft ownership are donated.  All they need is a good reason to fly.  Young Eagles flights are just the ticket!

We are adding pilots as we find them in our archives.  If you have flown Young Eagles for Chaper 1230, send me a picture and your information.  I will gladly include you on this tribute page.

Thank You Pilots !!


Duke is one of our original flyers. He was the first to accomplish 500 Young Eagles flown.  More from Duke later.  Glad he is back with us.


Dave has been flying from the start of the program, one at a time in his Citabria or RV4.  He likes to let you fly so hold on.


Bruce flies with Young Eagles when he isn’t looking down their throats….You figure it out.  Another pilot just looking for an excuse to run her up….


Andy flies an Experimental with a Subiru engine..  Very nice ride.   A retired Jet jocky, F-16, Boing 737 and now a nice Van's RV6.  You will enjoy flying with Andy.


How did we end up with so many Toms.  This Tom is a flying and fabricating nut.  Working on another experimental project and flying his first.


David will fly you in his Italian Cessna.  OK, it looks very cool and flys like one of those sports cars.  I’m dizzy looking at it.  We hope to have a picture of him soon..


Preston began as a Young Eagle.  He knew he had to be an aviator.  Preston is currently an instructor pilot with Wings.  He is building hours and enjoys flying Yound Eagles.


Tom shows up every month, even if he has to rent an aircraft.  One of our most dedicated Young Eagle Pilots.


Mike passed on during the Covid crisis.  We all have fond memories of Mike and his unwavering love for the Young Eagles program.  He was a mentor for many of us.  We miss him very much.  RIP Mike 


That’s right, another Tom…We have had a bunch of them lately.  Almost 99% of licensed pilots are named Tom or know someone named Tom…Creepy isn’t it!  This is the only canard pilot.  You can ask him what that means.


Brian is really got the bug and is a big part of our Young Eagles Air force.  Brian is excited to fly you and will explain everything that goes on during the flight.


Woody is really a race car driver who didn’t get enough out of 2D driving so 3D flight was the key.  A builder as well.  He thinks Corvair engines rock!


Pete flys his aircraft with a backwards vertical stabilizer and hopes to fly a canard.  Ask him about it… a bit confusing but not really.


Deborah enjoys flying young eagles.  Her beautiful white airplane is quite a nice bird!