YOUNG EAGLES PROGRAM DISRUPTED amid club leadership crisis

The EAA Chapter 1230 club leadership was disrupted when President Shauna Ogilve resigned during the May meeting, Tuesday May 15, 2018.   The resignation apparently was due to dissagreements from members about the direction of the Young Eagles program.  Several members also stated that they were resigning as well.  It was learned from others that Ms. Ogilve has since rescended her resignation.  No official explainations have been offered the membership as of May 17, 2018.  Due to the leadership crisis, the  Young Eagles Program was cancelled for May.  

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May 2018 Flights Cancelled

young eagles flights

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For the past 20 years our membership has sponsored the Young Eagles Program.  It is a collaborative effort with members of Chapter 1230 and several local members of the Tuskeegee Airmen, Lee A. Archer chapter.  All of them are also members of EAA 1230

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Parents and Young Eagles wait for their flights and others to return from the adventure.  Young Eagles flies all youngsters 7-17.  NO CHARGE…did we mention that?  Chapter 1230 pilots have flown over 7,000 Young Eagles.  

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The great thing about the Esperimental Aircraft Association is the mixture of people who come together to enjoy their shared passion of flight, engineering, and the challenge of building a machine that can fly.  Then, if you survive the many hours required to complete such a complex project, you can be a test pilot as well….


June 16, 2018

chapter mission

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The mission of the EAA1230 Chapter is to celebrate the freedom of flight that is unique to our Country.  To be active in educating potential future pilots and introducing young people to the opportunities that aviation offers.  To pursue aircraft construction,  and be a resource for those members that are making the effort to construct an experimental aircraft.  To provide a source for aircraft and pilot safety, maintenance ideas and aviation health information.   To also be an organization that promotes interaction and fellowship with others that share our passion.

You need not be a pilot, a builder or an aircraft owner or renter to join our organization.  All you need to be a member of our Chapter is to enjoy aviation, education, and things that fly.  To join, a membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association is necessary.  Pilots who fly Young Eagles need to be a licensed and current.  Besides being an EAA member, your aircraft must have current insurance and be legally flight ready… Please contact us if you have questions about our Chapter or about this website